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Personalized IV Hydration

There is a growing trend for those who want personalized solutions to maintain and improve their nutrition. This new trend is called IV nutrition, and it is a way to give you more energy, boost your immune system or improve your overall health and well-being.

These IV nutrition sessions deliver vitamins and fluids directly into your bloodstream. These IVs allow the vitamins to be absorbed more quickly than if they had gone through the digestive system. This method will provide quick and refreshing treatment and improve your health.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, The Solution IV has three conveniently-located offices where you can receive these revitalizing treatments. All treatments are conducted under the supervision of professional nurses.

Here are some of the conditions for which IV Nutrition is frequently suggested as a solution:

1. Immunity Boost – this service is for those who want to jumpstart their protection from infection, those whose immune system is compromised, or those who want to recover from jet lag.

2. Detox Solution– A late party, an exhausting work campaign, or a push to move into a new home or office can leave you drained. Let this solution cleanse your body of toxins and leave you feeling brand-new

3. Athletic Boost- If you are an athlete or involved in an athlete training regimen, this blend of vitamins and electrolytes is for you.

4. Metabolism Boost– If you think your body needs more natural energy or you want help in losing weight, a metabolism boost is what you need.

5. Anti-Aging Boost– If you want to feel and look more refreshed, this solution will decrease the physical signs of aging and make you feel much younger and more vital.

6. Hangover Cure- If your body needs a recharge after a big night out, this solution will help you feel better and let you face whatever your day brings.

7. Glutathione Solution– This solution will cleanse your system and provides amino acids to build tissues of your body. You will feel refreshed and revitalized.

8.NAD Plus– This solution is ideal for those who need to decrease inflammation and boost digestion and metabolism.

9. Ultimate Solution– This solution provides an overall boost to your system. Its comprehensive solution will leave you feeling completely refreshed.

The Solution IV has three clean, modern offices in the Los Angeles area. Offices in Hermosa Beach, West Hollywood, or Long Beach provide service to clients who seek personalized nutrition services. Call them for an appointment today, or go to their website at

You can be assured you will receive a personal consultation to determine your individual needs and a session supervised by an experienced nurse. Your new and healthy feeling is only a phone call away!

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