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One Small Item, One Giant Leap for Your Home

The interior decorator’s holy grail is a piece that will work with any style or existing space. However, those pieces are few and far between. In addition, many homes are moving towards aesthetics that are clean, simple, and modern– meaning that furnishings are typically fewer in number and hold more aesthetic value. It’s important to make the most of a space’s accents, because without them, Swedish minimalism can quickly spiral into a room that is cold and blank. That’s why interior designers and decorators have a go-to product that will instantly elevate any space, making it more luxurious, comfortable, and personalized.

2022’s Most Demanded Home Decor

Linens: we all have them. Some have a dedicated closet, while others may shuffle old sheets in and out of storage. The old wisdom goes that you can always judge a house by its linens, and that wisdom is not lost in the modern age! Beautifully embroidered and embellished linens are flying off the shelves in 2022, in large part to the DIY and home reno crowd discovering this interior decorator favorite.

It’s easy to see why linens are so useful in a home’s design: highly quality, plush fabrics will enwrap the user in comfort and warmth, creating a home that is safe as it is comfortable. An intricate table cloth, a neatly monogrammed tea towel: these items are minimal elements of your home’s design, but their personable touches go miles in the way that guests view your living space.

Picking the right linens, navigating design choices, and finding just the right pieces may seem daunting, especially as they’re in such high demand right now. That’s why interior decorators have another trick up their sleeve, and we’ve got the exclusive details just for you.

Why Every Celeb Relies On Linens Stylists

Linens stylist are the hidden army of the nation’s top interior designers. A knowledgeable and experienced linen stylist can help you select pieces that reflect your tastes and what is important to you. These pieces will add a sense of luxury and comfort to your home without cluttering it.

One of the greatest things about linens is that they have value in both their design and their functionality. Do you want pieces that are velvety soft and plush? Or would your prefer more stately pieces that reflect your home’s refined tastes?

Perhaps you’d like a set embellished with an important personal symbol– like a butterfly – to surround yourself with what matters most to you. Whatever you’re dreaming of, a linen stylist can make that dream a reality!

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