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Best NYC Cuban Venues For Company Parties

Agozar in NYC provides an authentic, fun, upscale feel that’s perfect for your next company party – whether it’s for 15 or 150.


Whether your employees are familiar with Cuba and its culture or not, choosing to host your next company gathering at a Cuban venue is a great choice. From holiday parties to retirement celebrations, the Cuban culture provides many ways to celebrate with it’s tasty food, enticing music, and iconic drinks. Choose to have your next company party at any one of the best NYC Cuban venues and you certainly won’t regret it.



If you’re looking to go authentic and traditional, Agozar is your place. Located on Bowery in the East Village, this roomy yet quaint restaurant has plenty of space and rooms for your next event in a popular Manhattan location. From 15 guests to 150, you can choose from intimate spaces or larger areas that can be used for company-wide addresses.


Treat your employees to taste-bud tingling Cuban dishes and drinks made at the restaurant. Aside from great food and drinks, you’ll feel right at home on the island with the space’s colorful walls and décor, friendly staff, and Cuban culture seeping out every nook and cranny. If you’re in need of a casual, fun setting, this is your place. Why sacrifice space, good food, authenticity, or atmosphere when you can have it all?


The Bowery Electric


If you have your own catering, food options, or are only interested in a meeting space, The Bowery Electric might be a great option for you. Typically a Cuban club and music venue, this space advertises special events and party reservations. Though there is a bar located inside, this place certainly doesn’t have the upscale feel of Agozar. However, The Bowery Electric provides a unique meeting space that is sure to exceed the expectations of your employees.


Victor’s Café


If you have a large agency or company that you need to find a gathering space for, Victor’s Café is a great fit. This eatery can hold up to 300 people for special events. Cuban art lines the walls to create a professional yet authentic Cuban feel. Victor’s Café is often times better suited for more formal, up-scale events. Not all restaurants will have the space for your company party – but this one does!


Cuba Restaurant Rum and Bar NYC


This restaurant in the Greenwich Village will take you straight back to the streets of Old Havana. If you’re looking for something besides Cuban, this restaurant is a nice spin on a mix of Cuban, Latin, and Spanish cultures, which you’ll find reflected in their dishes. If live music is your thing, you’ll be able to find it here multiple nights a week. Treat your staff to top-notch musicians that know a thing or two about Cuban music.


Amor Cubano


Located more uptown, this place is an option for those not looking to go into lower Manhattan. Similar to other Cuban restaurant, Amor Cubano features a menu of traditional Cuban food and drink. This is a much more intimate setting, however, and would probably make the best venue for smaller company parties. Employees will get to mix and mingle amongst the candlelight and authentic music while sipping classic cocktails.


Guantanamera Restaurant


Casual yet authentic, this place is great for those who have multi-purpose events. With dining rooms upstairs and downstairs, there is plenty of space for different meetings and groups of people. With plenty of Cuban dishes to choose from on their menu, there are many ways you’ll spice up your company party with Cuban flair: the drinks, décor, and live music. Besides it’s atmosphere, this place is also known for it’s complimentary hand-rolled Cuban cigars. Will your staff members be lucky enough to snag one?


With so many amazing local Cuban spots, why go anywhere else for your next company party? If you’re seeking amazing food to accompany your corporate fun, a NYC Cuban venue is the way to go.