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4 Tips for Running a Successful Text Messaging Campaign

Despite the onset of internet technology, the analog version of phone communications is becoming a mainstay in the corporate world. Text messaging still holds its ground amidst the digital wave and is seemingly gaining traction, with businesses now using it to their advantage. Almost every mobile phone owner subscribes to text services. And it’s no doubt that it’s a treasure trove to get your business known in every corner through text messaging campaigns. However, it would help if you were keen on it, and this article explains the best practices to help you out.

1. Obtain Necessary Permissions

The days of acquiring a mass database of phone numbers have taken the backseat, and the law requires prior consent. It’s morally right to obtain permission rather than bombarding people with text messages without expecting it. You could use other forms of media to let people know about your text messaging campaign, and they’ll decide by themselves whether or not they should opt-in. You can offer the option of texting to landline or using a keyword campaign to balloon your list of subscribers as they decide, by consent, that they join the band.

2. Provide Value

Please don’t be too bland with your messages, such that they don’t intrigue your followers. Remember, you’ve already gone through hell convincing them to opt-in, and so, don’t give them any reason to opt-out. Try juicing up your campaign with sweat deals, including discounts and coupons or special privileges under specific criteria. Also, don’t be too formal but tease them with a dose of casual narratives in a friendly way.

3. Time Your Texts

Timing is critical in running a marketing campaign, and you need to be more proficient with it. Please don’t be overly intrusive with your messaging such that your subscribers feel uncomfortable by sending them randomly. To play safe, only use the business hours to run your campaign and don’t make them too long or send too many such that it feels irritating.

4. Give Your Users the Freedom to Opt-Out

While your subscribers might have opted in on consent, please give them the option to quit any time they feel like it. Remember, it’s not like you’re shoving your campaign down their throats when they least want it. Sometimes, interests fade, and the zeal to participate weans. And that could happen for myriad reasons. Subscribers will find no problems opting in if there’s a straightforward way out for them than feeling bound and trapped in there.


Running a text messaging campaign isn’t an easy feat if you aren’t familiar with the best tips to use. Please try your best to time your campaign’s messages, but better still, obtain consent before engaging anyone. Also, remember to provide value and, most essentially, offer them the way out.

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